Sunday, June 23, 2013

Making the Change – From Analog to Digital

The advantages offered by Digital Dictation far outweigh the advantages offered by Analog cassette-tape recorders. Digital Dictation may seem like a new form of technology that needs to be studied and tested carefully before installation; however it is a fairly seamless integration to your company's workflow.

Some advantages of switching to Digital Dictation include the following:
  • Increased Efficiency to Meet your Workflow 
  • Giving Priority to Urgent Jobs 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Cassettes are a Thing of the Past! 
  • Increased Sound Quality 
  • Easy to Archive Information 

Now let us look at the above mentioned advantages in more detail…

Increased Efficiency to Meet your Workflow 
Information is saved automatically on your PC and others in your network can access it and process the information. Since the dictations are automatically distributed it is less time consuming. If you compare this with analog cassettes you will see that it is much easier to use dictation and also get twice the work done in half the time!

Giving Priority to Urgent jobs 
The individuals that are doing the transcription can view the job list and begin work on the dictations that are prioritized. If you want to prioritize a job then a simple click of the mouse will make sure that your dictation is on top of the list! How will you prioritize a dictation on an analog-cassette tape recorder? Simple truth is that it cannot be done. You could write on the cassette label the level of urgency, but imagine sorting through all of them! It simply is not a feasible option.

You can secure your information and data with the use of passwords making sure that no one without authorization can access your documents. This is especially important for doctors and medical transcriptionists as patient information needs to be kept confidential. You cannot assure this with analog tape recorders. Anyone who knows how to operate a tape recorder can get access to crucial information.

Cassettes are a Thing of the Past! 
Digital Dictation offers everything in electronic format and therefore it is all software and no hardware. You can make back-ups of all your dictations and never again worry about losing your cassettes! 

Increased Sound Quality 
The sound quality offered in Digital Dictation is quite superior and ensures that there is a very low amount of errors and the dictation can be processed quite fast. In some instances you can even block out noises that are coming in from the background! Good luck trying to do this with an analog tape recorder!

Easy to Archive Information 
Digital Dictation files can be saved automatically and you have the option of going over them again on a later date of your choosing. The actual dictation files will not take up much memory and you do not have to worry about finding room for your recordings on shelves and cupboards!

If you are still using analog cassette-tape recorders then you might want to get with the program! Stop living in the past! Make your life easier with Digital Dictation! We promise you that it will be one of the best investments you ever make and you might even regret not taking this step sooner!