Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Digital Dictation Tools for Journalists

If there was ever a profession that relied solely on recording speech it has to be Journalism where quality of information is everything! Gathering information and transcribing them into text is the backbone of this industry. To acquire this information journalists often write information down on paper, but the most popular method seems to be the digital tape recorder to ensure that no information is overlooked.
Digital Dictation software can be utilized to record information accurately and protect the speech. At present dictation software also provides an additional service where by inserting a small piece of equipment you can even take notes! Today’s technology has also been able to provide two main types of dictation devices: digital tape and micro tape. High-end models of these devices offer more features that can assist with noise reduction and better quality of the recordings.

These two types of devices can be used for various types of voice recording. A micro tape is a device that can record data into an audio cassette and create a hard copy. Digital devices (Developed in the 20th century) make use of hard drives that are removable and create a digital copy of it. A digital dictation device gives the opportunity to store the records on to an original drive or you can even transfer it to a computer which ensures that all information is stored and can be put into CD’s.

This type of digital recording is quite imperative to journalism as collecting information in an efficient manner is required. Using digital recorders will have large amounts of memory and also assist greatly for transcription purposes. It is quite simple for a journalist to use a cassette tape recorder and record an interview but it might take a long time to listen to that interview again and transcribe it. Using this device will give you more time for that important interview and less time spent transcribing it! Getting the correct information is important, but making sure that the information reaches the general public in a timely manner is a different story altogether! The last thing any Journalist wants is for a competitor to get the story published before they do!

This is one important reason why Journalists have digital recorders. Most newspapers, magazines or even in other forms of publications we have all seen instances where quoting another persons’ views or ideas is essential. How could a Journalist achieve this without a digital recorder? Surely they cannot use a pen and paper! It takes too much time.

Couple your digital recorder with digital dictation software and the rest is up to your computer! Spending time doing boring tasks is no longer your job! Transcribing information will never be simpler with the use of this software. Journalists can conduct interviews, record information. The conversion of speech to text will be done by the computer and you can begin the writing process!

What if you have a number of different interviews to cover and transcribe in one day? Well, this software will be able to help you out with that! You can spend more time focusing on the interviews and doing as many interviews as needed and the digital dictation software will help with the transcribing! If an urgent story pops up and you want to be the first person there and get an exclusive story then this device is your hero!

It is about time that Journalists invest in digital dictation software and devices to increase their productivity and get more work done in less time. The software is freely available, and now it is only a matter of trying it out and using it to produce the best results! With this software you will not have any trouble getting those important stories and climbing your way up the corporate ladder!