Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Can Government Agencies Benefit from Cloud Services?

The government is constantly expanding and many of these agencies can benefit a great deal from cloud computing services. This is especially true of agencies that are searching for more efficient methods of transferring data and also extensive monitoring services. The best option for government based agencies is to make use of the cloud based system as a secondary option for other pre-existing types of in-house or out-house information. In this case the cloud system will only be shared if and when there is a downtime and until all other sources can recover.

The cloud system is also quite a good fit and replacement for your already existing IT system. Many other agencies are also prone to using other hybrid approaches and there are two such approaches: External and Internal. These are linked to give you maximum usage and maximize your workload as well as meeting capacity necessities. Recent information regarding the private sector brought forth the complete number of countries whose government made the switch to cloud computing services. Certain countries include Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Singapore. Many more countries are following in the same footsteps and are beginning to use cloud computing in various methods and industries. The possibility of saving more money while increasing service delivery is something that any government or industry would greatly appreciate. Some speakers of the private sector have even come to the conclusion that many companies have managed to save up to an astounding 80% on costs! If that is not enough they have even pledged that this system also helped them to maintain their green initiative!

Connectivity, enterprise architecture definitions, processes and applications, etc. are some of the factors that need to be thought out in time, however the most important moment is when a new system is introduced to a department or company and how it functions. With this new system the use of IT can be reduced and can be used by everyday people who do not have any IT background or experience!

Enterprise architecture, although seems like a big word, is quite simple to understand. This is what allows you to store information relating to two different companies and enable both parties to view this information at any given point. With the assistance of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the government has the ability to make the necessary reductions so that much smaller enterprises can be active within the government. Although cloud services are becoming a leading instrument in technology the real obstacle to overcome is in the implementation. 

Although the cloud offers many attractive features the actual process of implementing this service is a challenge. If this can be mastered then the rapid growth of cloud based systems will surely increase enabling you to save more and do more!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cloud Computing and Educational Institutions… Is There A Link?

In 2006 a number of companies and a few universities began a series of research projects concerning Mass Cloud Computing which in turn circulated the idea of socializing through the computer network service. This works as a new method for developing education information.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cloud Computing and the Healthcare Field

Unrestricted access to medical records is vital for patient care. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has the capability of providing information to healthcare professionals using various facilities. The downside is that at present access is only given to one healthcare facility such as a doctor’s office or a specific hospital.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Economics Behind Cloud Services

The potential earnings for Cloud Computing is a staggering $240 Billion in 2020! You might think that this is a bit too premature and overrated, but it is the most accurate money generation prediction for Cloud Computing. A survey was able to predict this based on leading countries that use this software and what the future market sales would be. Another team was able to predict that by 2014 Cloud Computing would reach about $55 Billion. IDC (International Data Corporation) research shows that profits for Cloud Computing will have a gradual but steady rise and will also create numerous job opportunities.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cloud Computing Leads to Pharmaceutical Discovery

Antivirals, Antibiotics, NSAIDs, etc. the list of modern pharmaceutical discoveries goes on and on, but even with all this many diseases prone to drugs, the the side effects of the treatment is much worse! So we wonder, are there better and healthier drugs entering the market?