Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Digital Dictation for the Wonderful Field of Education

Whether we want to accept it or not, it is an irrefutable fact that the world is being filled with gadgets and devices that are completely digitized! So who has time for writing?! When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? When was the last time you wrote a memo? Everything is being run by digital devices and modern technology. This is why more schools today are teaching children about computers and typing than they have in the past. This is sure to cause quite a stir since such classrooms will, in most likelihood, accommodate digital dictation technology.

If you are a teacher then you can attest to the fact that you want all of your students  to perform at a higher level! With the use of Digital Dictation you can now make it easier for yourself and your students! What do teachers do today? They speak from the beginning of the class until the end and expect the students to write down everything! This is both ineffective and not detail oriented. Expecting students to write down everything that is noted on a board is so outdated and will not do anything to invoke the interest of the students.

If you were to use a digital voice recorder and document a students’ performance or achievements then that would be a viable use of this device. The teacher will have more time to gather additional information about students and make more precise notes on what needs to be improved and other comments. Once the digital recorder has done its work, then the teacher will have a much more detailed view of the students’ progress and offer some well thought out insights to his/her parents. Another important fact to mention is that since this process takes such little time the teacher can actually perform this assessment several times each semester! Each student will have an ongoing evaluation and a much higher chance of reducing their mistakes and learn faster!

We are not saying that the basics such as writing and typing should be shunned! But it is very important that students learn of these new technologies at an early age to become more familiar with it and have a better chance at mastering these technologies by the time they grow up. Digital Dictation has the ability to record speech in a sound reproduction format. This make it easier for students to take down notes and they can refer back to it whenever they want!

This technology is not only for those who want to be tech savvy. It is also an assistive computer technology which is quite useful for those with learning disabilities. These types of students will then have the option of learning everything from History to Math even though they cannot write, read, pay attention or spell correctly. Difficulties in these areas can seriously damage a persons’ ability to function in the classroom as well as in society. So why not invest in a Digital tape recorder? Why not give them the same chance at a normal and complete life as any other child?

Features such as recording information, speech converted to text and spoken word processors will give students the ability to organize their ideas and show their intelligence! After all technology is for everyone!

Digital Dictation has benefited many industries and now it is taking the Education field by storm! Imagine students being able to listen to lectures and seminars over and over again. Back in the day if we did not hear something that the teacher said then we ask the person sitting next to us. But with Digital Dictation this is no longer the case! You do not have to disturb the person sitting next to you for information. You have it all on your Digital tape recorder and can relive it anytime you want!