Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Advantages of Digital Dictation Software

There are a number of advantages to using Digital Dictation software. Many industries today use this software to increase their productivity levels since we all know by now that Digital Dictation software is a tool ideal for those who multi task. Well, we came up with a list of benefits that is sure to make you think twice about including Digital Dictation to your business!

1.      Easy and Quick Download!
Digital files can now be safely and quickly transferred to your computer enabling you to transcribe it or even send it to another person! Now, if you were using a tape recorder it would have to be transport by hand or couriered to the transcriptionist. This can take days or even weeks! That is assuming that the tape gets to its’ destination at all. Using Dictation software will dramatically reduce the time it takes to send the recording and you can also be sure that the transcription will be delivered!

2.      Consistent Sound Quality with No Degradation
Using cassette tapes to record speech can be a risk since the tapes can degrade over time and the possibility of listening to it over and over again are next to impossible! With Dictation software you can listen to the recording many times and the quality will remain the same.

3.      Easy to Retrieve Recordings as they are Stored on the Hard Drive
We have faced situations where clutter has led to misplaced items. Well, this is no different. Having everything on tapes and cassettes will use up a lot of physical storage space and you might even lose a few recordings! With Dictation software you can save all your recordings on your hard drive and even archive them so that misplacing them is a thing of the past!

4.      Your Digital Dictation Software can exceed 100 hours per Card!
Imagine using a tape recorder and in the middle of a very important dictation your tape exceeds its allocated time. What will you do then? You might be fine if you have a standby cassette, but what if you do not? Well, with this software your worries are over! High capacity to tape your speech is now a reality and you can work on your dictation for hours at a time!

5.      Digital Dictation files are compatible with Speech-Recognition!
When using cassettes there is no possibility of converting it into speech recognition, but with this software you can automatically convert your files. This is quite useful for people who need to transcribe with immediate effect. Lawyers are some of those individuals that come to mind.

6.      Distributing Dictation files to be Transcribed is quite Simple
If you need to transcribe your documents quickly then cassettes are definitely not for you! With this software you can send your files via e-mail and dramatically cut down the time it takes the transcriptionist to receive the file.  

7.     Ability to make Changes and Additions after the Recording is sent for Transcribing
Digital Dictation allows the author to keep the file “open” even after the job has been sent to be transcribed. The author can even make changes or additions to the file as required. If you give the cassettes to the transcriptionist and afterwards you remember some new information that needs to be added or something that needs to be removed or altered then that can be a problem and you will not be able to edit it again.

8.      Automatic Re-charge and Downloads!
These Dictation units have docking stations where you can connect it and it will automatically download the recordings and also re-charge it at the same time (Similar to the workings of a mobile phone). With the use of cassettes and tape recorders you will have to manually replace the batteries, and tapes too will have to be manually removed and delivered. All this costs needless amounts of money and is far from being cost effective.

9.     Introduction of a Bar code Allows to Automatically Associate the Dictations to the Patient Information
The medical industry also benefits heavily from this software. Imagine having all of the patient information associated with a barcode. Doctors can immediately pull up patient files and significantly cut back the time used to locate this information manually. By using cassettes and tape recorders this option is not available and the user must go through all the tapes to weed out the specific information they are searching for. Who has time for that?!

10.    Displays a Wide Array of Information regarding the Dictation  
Date, time, name of author, total recorded time length and total time remaining are some of the information that is displayed. The user can easily access information about the Dictation without wasting time on searching for this information or moving blindly without knowing the specific information. We are not saying that this information is not available on tape recorders, but that this information is limited. With Dictation software the options you get are vast and you will never have to waste time looking for the correct recordings!

There are many benefits to using Digital Dictation and we managed to pick the most important ones out of a list that seems endless! Whether you are a student, professional or non-professional, this software is a sure way to save your time and money. So if you are searching for a way to keep your thoughts and ideas in line and have the option of taking it all with you wherever you go, then this software was made for you! You do not have to take our word for it! Go on! Test it for yourself and enjoy the ride! 

Are you a Journalist looking to invest in Digital Dictation Software? Well, check our blog tomorrow and we will give you some important insights about why this software is perfect for you!