Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Mobility can be a very valuable asset for a company. This not only means that employees can actually move within their office, but also that they can work from anywhere – home, train,  coffee shop etc. However, for old-fashioned, fixed and immobile company, the concept of mobile organization can be frightening.
Cloud computing is a perfect solution for companies that wants mobility. It allows organizations to provide collaboration and communication tools, software, apps and access to documents and databases not only from anywhere but also on a cost per use (or user) basis. This has been significant impact on an organisation’s flexibility and ability to introduce new tools and phase out old tools. No longer should IT project should take a year to implement new tool.
Cloud computing has a lot of benefits when it comes to mobility. First of all, employees can access information across different locations and devices. Mobility also improves service levels. Nokia is a great example how cloud computing helped them to scale and take advantage of latest technology as it becomes available.
Cloud computing is very beneficial for small businesses. It makes it possible to harness the computing power and technology that has only previously been available  to enterprises with big budgets. The other thing that cloud computing brings is scalability and flexibility, so you can choose when to have 1000 server working or you can run on bare minimum.
Cloud computing is levelling the technology playing field. It impacts the mobility by making it available to companies large or small. Previously, things like video conferencing was available to large organizations with bit IT budgets. With  cloud computing, smaller companies with small budgets also can have video conferences and they are now able to compete with bigger ‘fish’ in the market.
Besides the clear benefits of cloud computing to any company on a market, still there are security and privacy concerns. Some might say that the risk is actually unfounded. However, the ENISA’s (the EU Agency for Network and Information Security) report of cloud computing risks that must be taken into consideration when moving to the cloud.

Source: Taken from Adam Davidi article How is cloud computing enhancing our ability to work anywhere?