MIRSK Solutions

- MIRSK Recognition Live™ : 

MIRSK Recognition Live™ will revolutionize the way you work for ever. MIRSK Recognition Live™ is a speech recognition application that converts your speech into text live while you are speaking. It is already integrated into Windows, and therefore also all other applications running trough the Windows operating system.


- MIRSK Recognition Standard™ :

It is the original MIRSK speech recognition product, the application that uses speech recognition technology combined with digital dictation technology (MIRSK Dictation™ & MIRSK Transcription™). The application records a dictation, and thereafter transfers the audio into the MIRSK recognition engine, that converts the
audio into text, and sends it back into the MIRSK Transcription™ application, combined with synchronized text & audio.


- MIRSK Dictation+™ : 

MIRSK Dictation+™ app (currently for iOS: iPhone, iPod, iPad, but will also soon be launched for Android & Windows Mobile 8) is a digital voice recorder, that you can carry anywhere and makes it easy for you to record and store all the information you need. 


- MIRSK Dictation™ : 

The original 100% MIRSK developed and designed dictation client & platform, also known as version 1.27.  
Almost 20.000 users are daily making their dictation trough this dictation client, that runs on Windows.


- MIRSK Transcription™ :

Is the original 100% MIRSK developed and designed transcription client & platform, also known as version 1.27. Almost 10.000 users connects to it daily. MIRSK Transcription™ is also used by dictation users, to listen to the recordings that have been made, but not yet transcribed by the secretaries.


- MIRSK Management and Statistics™ :

For larger organizations, it is necessary to have some sort of management with the MIRSK system, that is why MIRSK has developed MIRSK Management & Statistics™. 
MIRSK Management & Statistics™ is a web-based application where one can create , deactivate users, control their rights, as well as make statistics of their usage.