Thursday, June 6, 2013


Medical professionals are constantly on the search for ways to improve efficiency. Less time spent taking notes and filling out charts means more time to help patients. One way doctors are increasing efficiency is with the use of voice recognition software. 

Talking computers has been nothing more than a science fiction dream, however the real change in our lives will come when computers can listen and understand. Voice recognition software which is more popularly called speech recognition software has made significant improvements in the recent past.

Everyone from doctors to the disabled is making use of voice recognition software and applications that are voice activated. The biggest advantage of speech recognition software is that we now have the ability to do hands-free computing. Dictating to secretaries or writing out by hand can now be submitted directly through the use of voice activated software to a word processing program. A small amount of editing is required to perfect the document and it’s ready to go! This type of software can vastly improve your ability to multitask and focus on several tasks at the same time. This software can also make improvements in the lifestyles of those who cannot use a mouse and keyboard as a result of having limited mobility or suffering from another type of disability.

This specialized software can only be accessible to those who have the correct features such as the ability for the technology to convert a person's voice into a recognizable data pattern. Everyone speaks differently. The use of an accent or simply the way a sentence is put together can make all the difference. This makes it quite difficult for the computer to translate without it first being trained on the necessary requirements. Any type of software being used for voice recognition or speech recognition will most definitely require some kind of training that is user specific.

The main purpose of this software is to allow you to be able to navigate your computer using only your voice. This means that any task, whether it something as simple as opening and closing a document or installing a program, should be able to be completed all by using voice command. The second most important purpose of the software is Dictation. Dictation means that we should be able to speak text into a Word document or other form of text editor that you prefer, however the program must be excellent at identifying speech in order to accurately transform it to text. For this reason dictation is the best test to determine a solid voice activated program.

Initially, voice recognition software could only be used with the help of a specific program or a exact piece of equipment, however with advances in technology it is now possible for this software to be made available in not only almost any program, but also in a significantly large amount of computer systems.

Apart from voice recognition being a great advantage in the business/corporate world, there are also numerous amounts of non-business based benefits to using voice recognition software. For example, it is a great tool for individuals who are visually impaired or those who cannot use a physical keyboard or mouse due to a physical disability. These individuals lose the opportunity to manipulate a computer and in most instances acquire a certain level of independence. With the introduction of voice activated programs any type of person, regardless of their physical shortcomings, will be able to work and in some cases gain a significant level of self sufficiency.

These are just a handful of the non-business benefits that are developed for those who require it. The benefits of using this software inside office are numerous. The ability to create documents, reports, and even internal memos can easily be spoken thus leaving your hands free to complete other more important tasks. Telephone calls too can be made through voice over IP software applications. This type of software solely depends on the ability of the computer to convert voice into data, thereby providing a quick solution to your typing needs.

The ability of voice activated programs to improve your lifestyle and give you more time for more pressing tasks can simply be explained through statistics. For example, the average office worker is able to type anywhere between 50-70 words per minute. However, with the use of speech recognition programs the average typing speed can be increased to 120 words per minute at an astounding accuracy rate of 98%! With suitable training, you can also be able to leave the editing portion of the task to be completely handled through the use of voice activated programming. With all these advancements in voice recognition software it can definitely be said that vast improvements in the lives of many and the productivity levels will surely increase. 

New ways to interact while working on important tasks can now be achieved with the use of voice recognition software!