Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What 2014 Predicts for Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is really an emerging and trending area, in which many predictions are made. Some of them will be covered in this article.

Cloud Computing takes a very important role today. So there are no doubts that lots of money will be spent on it. Cloud spending, including cloud services and the technology to enable these services, will surge by 25% in 2014, reaching over $100 billion.
IDC predicts that by 2017, more than 80% of new cloud apps will be hosted on six PaaS platforms. 2014 is considered to be a year of PaaS model: the value should move from IaaS to Paas. Amazon Web Services made a big step by providing a lot of PaaS offers for developers and higher value services for businesses. This causes other IT suppliers to make changes in order to stay competitive in new market. Hence, two big giants, Google and Microsoft, are expected to shine this year. Microsoft is creating a base for hybrid clouds with Windows Azure Pack and domination of hybrid cloud is expected in 2014. Microsoft is likely to become the No. 2 public cloud provider behind Amazon Web Services.

Another prediction covers cloud security issue. Hybrid cloud will offer freedom of choice for businesses and organizations will bring their own security to the public cloud. Companies will be able to keep control of their encryption keys themselves. “Every credible cloud platform will encrypt data all the way through. Several undercurrents are driving this prediction – data sovereignty, global cloud deployments and yes, PRISM,” – Richard Seroter, head of cloud product management, CenturyLink Cloud.

One of the improvements of cloud will be data centers consolidation, which will become the new driver for private cloud computing to enable even greater efficiencies and cost savings.

There was a big shift from desktop software toward cloud-based apps and services which made Cloud Computing cost-friendly and convenient for consumers. It is an obvious sign of Cloud Computing becoming mainstream.

To sum up, we are going to witness a lot of new changes in 2014. For more technology predictions for 2014 visit this link: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS24472713