Sunday, November 3, 2013


A new generation digital dictaphones, dictation and transcription systems for offices are more remarkable, than those we used years ago.

Methods of dictation have really changed over the years. Digital dictaphones cannot even be compared to the old ones. First of all, it does not use tapes, that must be stored and gone through to retrieve the records. Secondly, digital Dictaphones can store much more data. Many of them have editing system that enables to pause, return and add points in the dictation. Even better, some of them have software that will transcribe your notes to the computer. You can even email dictation to your secretary, typist or transcription center. This is a particular advantage for people such as claims adjusters who spent most of their time away from the office. They must keep the records on every single claim. The secretary at the office can have your dictation transcribed and ready for signature as soon as you come back to the office. 

Not so long ago, the foot pedals were used by secretaries and transcriptionist to start and stop the transcription process. If there was an interruption like a ringing phone, the whole process had to be started all over again, when the interruption ceased. Food pedals are still used, but now USB ports and Bluetooth connects them to the computer. Digital memories allow the transcription data to be stopped instantly and then restarted easily.

Specific software enables you to scan for topics and titles. This feature expedites transcription and review so dictation production and transcription is easier.

Often, doctors and lawyers regularly do in a hurry because there is not enough time during the day after seeing patients. Digital Dictaphones enables them to do dictations during or right after patient/client visitation. With newer database systems, software can keep the transcription automatically with the file in the database, eliminating the uncertainties of paper copies.

Digital dictation really optimizes the workflow. If you are still using a tape dictaphone or if your dictating and transcribing system is about to fail, you should consider purchasing new digital dictaphones for your business.