Friday, October 11, 2013

How Can Cloud Help in Medical Industry

The necessity of having modern technology in the medical industry is the most essential thing when working with patients. Patients need to have superior care and access to the most advanced therapies so it's essential for medical organizations to fulfill these requirements on the ongoing basis. Nowadays, providing superior care doesn't necessary mean giving doctors right training or medical equipment. IT starts to play bigger and bigger role in the medical field.
According to Healthcare Global, the medical industry, from underwriters to caregivers, has been a bit cautious and skeptical adopting IT tools at their work. However, it's now more essential than ever for professionals in these fields to comprise and accept the benefits that comes with using IT. It is very important that professionals adopt IT systems now, because two important changes are occurring currently: Patients have more opportunities to choose their service providers because of the increase of options, at the same time as cloud computing technologies are empowering organizations of all sizes.
One of the greatest significant qualities of the cloud computing innovation for hospitals is the trend toward Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The fact that SaaS solutions are delivered and serviced across the Internet makes them a powerful choice for healthcare providers with tight budgets. Cloud computing cuts down on the amount of hardware and IT staff that needs to be maintained on-site. Also, SaaS can streamline operations, powering enhanced collaboration and faster customer service.
The benefits of cloud computing for healthcare organizations isn't all about saving money and increasing speed- it can also assist surgeons and researchers tackling serious illnesses. NextGov reported that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has identified the enormous potential of cloud computing in finding the cure to cancer. Furthermore, the NCI is sponsoring three pilot clouds where a big quantity of genetic cancer information is stored. All of this information is stored online and approachable for all of the researchers, wherever they are. This could potentially open new opportunities the way cancer is treated.
This project may solve one of the most challenging problems medical researchers are presently facing in their search to cure cancer. The researchers where lacking resources from the technical standpoint. They had difficulties gaining access to the data needed for the research, because most institutions can’t support the largest source of information about cancer genetics.
"As one reviewer from our board of scientific advisers put it, this means a smart graduate student someplace will be able to develop some new, interesting analytic software to mine this information and they'll be able to do it in reasonable time frame, and without requiring millions of dollars of investment in commodity information technology," George Komatsoulis, interim director and chief information officer of the NCI, told the source.

As cloud computing technologies develop more progressively, medical experts may be able to leverage it successfully to increase the quality of life for people all over the world. From cutting the costs to empowering new research, the cloud is becoming an absolute ‘must-have’ in medical field. By using the correct safety solutions for protection of data, these organizations can be sure the data will be transitioned and stored safely.